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iCarrot Pop-up Card Free Template

Hi Guys! Do you have a Mac-lover friend you wish to play a trick on this April Fool’s Day? If your answer is “yes!”, I have a funny iCarrot Pop-up Card Free Template for you! I made this card a couple years ago for my husband. This card has a computer-like shape, a bitten carrot symbol on the front panel, and a computer inside. But not just a regular computer, it has a Mac screen and a keyboard. On a screen, the receiver will see the scariest ever dream for any programmer: “Are you sure you want to format all data?” and an arrow pointing to “Format disk”. And there is no way to stop the computer from erasing everything because… of a playful kitten who is in the middle of its jump on an “Enter” key!

Darina's Crafts iCarrot_PopUoCard_Inside15-300x200

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Tree-Layered Clover and Clover Border

Hi all! While I’m working on my next greeting card from the Clover Collection, I decided to give away something else for the upcoming St.Patrick’s Day. It’s a Three-layered Clover and Clover Border! You are more than welcome to download the templates and use them how you want as they are absolutely FREE! Here is the preview of the templates:

Darina's Crafts Clover-and-Border_Template_DarinasCrafts800-x-800-300x300

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St.Patrick’s Hat Rocking Card – Free Template

Hello everyone! It’s “Kiss me, I’m Irish” week! Who doesn’t like this all-wearing-green St.Patrick’s Day? I do, though I’m not Irish at all. And today in honor of all who celebrate St.Patrick’s Day I prepared St.Patricks Hat Rocking Card Free Template for you to download (the download link is at the bottom of this post).

It is indeed a rocking card as it can stand on itself and swing like a rocking horse! Inside it has a funny message “Kiss me I’m” and a pot of leprechaun gold. You can customize this message and add something extra like “Irish”,'”Best”, “Rich” or “Leprechaun”, whatever you like. The rocking card can be a nice present for a kid as well as for an adult.

Here are some photos of the finished St.Patrick’s Hat Rocking Card:

Darina's Crafts DSC01650-600-x-400-300x200  Darina's Crafts DSC01655-2-600-x-400-300x200

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Video Tutorial “How to Make Suitcase Card”

Hi all! As I promised, I made a video tutorial “How to make Suitcase Card”. Download free templates, prepare your favorite glue, choose the heavy cardstock and patterned paper, take 4 brads, watch the tutorial and create!

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The free template and brief description for the Suitcase Card you may find here. The free digital sentiment “Happy Birthday” you may download here.

I am very happy with the finished suitcase. Here are some photos for you as well:

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Free Happy Birthday Sentiment

Hi guys, I just finished my tutorial on How to Convert Silhouette Studio3 to SVG files and posted a new freebie there. If you don’t need to read long tutorials and just want to grab your freebie, so here it is – a free Happy Birthday sentiment (Silhouette, SVG, and PDF formats):

Darina's Crafts document2-300x136
Be sure to set your cutting machine on speed 1 to get super clean cuts of this thin design.
To download it, read Terms of Use (or read the same Terms here), click “I agree with the Terms of Use” (if you do), then in the opened box click “Download”, and save the .zip file to your computer.

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