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How to Convert Silhouette Studio3 to SVG in 1 Step

Have you ever struggled how to get perfect SVG cut lines from your Silhouette Studio3 files? Recently I found the easiest and fastest solution how to convert Silhouette Studio3 to SVG!

I spent many hours trying to work with Inkscape, reading lots of tutorials, forum threads, watching “how-to” videos in an attempt to convert my templates. Finally, I found an online service that has an online Converter from Silhouette files to SVG! Yes! No need to save an image of a design, all you need to do is upload your Silhouette Studio3 file!

Read along and you’ll find out how to convert Silhouette Studio3 to SVG in 1 simple step AND will be able to download our FREE design.

I just finished converting my design and made some step by step screenshots for you.

Normally, in order convert Silhouette Studio3 to SVG all tutorials recommend you to 1) save a black-and-white image of your silhouette design; 2) then upload in using many online converters, which never give you straight lines and never-ever give you normal thin dotted lines; plus, you have to break your design into small parts to get each part as one single piece; 3) or they recommend using Inkscape tracing. But the result is double lines and (what I hate most) rectangular instead of dotted lines. So once upload to your cutting machine, it will cut holes where a dotted line is supposed to be. And there is no way to change it!

Now, here is my design in Silhouette Studio DE:

Darina's Crafts 1-300x169

To make perfect SVG lines I ungrouped my design, removed any color, and made sure that the lines are black:

Darina's Crafts 2-500-x-281-300x169  After that I went ahead and saved my design as I would normally do (File>Save as>Save to hard drive):

Darina's Crafts 3-500-x-281-300x169

So, as you can see the design is in Silhouette Studio3 format.

And here is my “magic wand” tool: Ideas R Us online converter.

I went there, uploaded this design and clicked ‘Convert”. The converter does an amazingly fast job for you and gives you the download link:

Do not refresh this page before you download the file (I did it by mistake and had to remain my silhouette file in order to convert it one more time). Here you can either right-click on the link and choose “save” to save it to your computer, or you can left-click on it to open the file in your browser window:Darina's Crafts 8-500-x-400-300x240


It is already an SVG file. Here I right-clicked on it and chose “save an image as” to save it to my computer as an SVG file.

Darina's Crafts 9-500-x-346-300x208

Now let’s take a look at this SVG in Silhouette Studio:

Darina's Crafts 10-500-x-330-300x198

Perfect! I can even ungroup the elements!

Now let’s compare the notorious dotted lines. Here are SVG dotted lines in Inkscape and Ideas R Us Converter:

Honestly, I hate Inkscape results! These are holes, not lines! Who need holes on sides of cards of boxes? I don’t! What I need is a simple clean dotted line. After spending so many hours of research as I did, this online converter is a life-saver if you don’t need double lines!

I went ahead and updated my SVG free templates for the Secret Door Card and the Heart Gift Box. And when I did this, I tried to convert my colored Silhouette Template. The online converter did a perfect job even with the red template!

Cons: it’s not completely free. If you look at the pics above, you may notice the note “9 conversions left for IP #***”. I have 2 left now LOL. But I can purchase (and I will) convert credits. Go to “Shop” and choose how many credits you want to buy:

Darina's Crafts 7-500-x-340-300x204

1000 credits for $13.40? It would last me for ages!

They also have a desktop feature for this Converter (go to Products>Desktop Interface File Converter):

Darina's Crafts 6-500-x-281-300x169

So, go ahead to Ideas R Us website, check the Online Converter there and you are all set to convert Silhouette Studio3 to SVG files.

UPD: It appears that this online converter’s IP counter resets in 24 hours or so. This simply means that if you have less than 10 files a day to convert, the converter is free 100%.

Other option

The other option – upgrade Silhouette Studio to Business Edition. It already includes the option to save your files in SVG format.


If you have read this far, I have a freebie for you! It’s the “Happy Birthday!” sentiment I showed you in this tutorial:

Darina's Crafts document2-300x136

Be sure to set your cutting speed to 1 to get clean cut of the tiny details.

So, here it the Free Happy Birthday Sentiment if you need it. To get this template for free, follow these simple steps:

  1. Subscribe to our mailing list: 
  2. Send us an email to from the email address you provided upon subscription, with the words “I want free Happy Birthday Sentiment kit!”

You will receive the .zip file within 24 hours from your email.

Ready-to -Cut SVG Templates

Check our SVG template kits to create a stunning and memorable present for your loved ones!



Darina's Crafts cropped-logo1-1-300x300

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2 thoughts on “How to Convert Silhouette Studio3 to SVG in 1 Step

  1. Helloooo!!!

    The ideas R Us converter has dissappeared and I m desperate hahaha. Do you know what happened to it? That s the terrible thing about depending on an external source to do your work…

    1. Hello, I just checked the link – the connection is not secure but it does work.
      I wonder if it is the browser security settings that don’t allow to open unverified connections? I don’t know what happened to their protocol and why it is not secure (it is not my service – I used them a lot myself that is why I recommended it here). But I do know that upgrading your Silhouette Studio software to Business Edition allows converting Studio3 to SVG, PDF, PNG, and some other file formats without an additional external source. This is what I eventually did.
      I hope it helps,
      ~ Darina.

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