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Spooky Halloween Collection of Home Decorations

New! Spooky Halloween collection of home decorations. It includes everything you need to host a Halloween or gothic party.

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All 6 different items that are currently listed in our online store.

Wood Spider cutouts

Wood spider cutouts are made in different sizes and color options.
Choose from tiny 2.75″ wood spiders (that are great for Halloween crafting projects) to large 18″ spooky spiders – perfect for wall decoration!

Spooky Halloween wood wreath

Spooky Halloween wood wreath is a 3D door hanger. It consists of a huge 17″ spiderweb, wood lettering and a giant spider in the center.
It is made from thick 1/4″ birch plywood.
Different color options are available. See the listing description for the details.

Spiderweb coaster sets

Spooky Halloween collection also includes 4 different designs of decorative Spiderweb coaster sets made of 1/8″ wood.

All coasters are 4.5″ by 4.5″.

Each coaster is carefully crafted and handpainted to provide a nice moisture barrier.

Choose the color option (if applicable) and the number of coasters in a set – 2, 4, 6, or 8.

8 Spiders coaster set

The name “8 Spiders coaster set” says all about it. There are 8 spiders surrounding a spiderweb that create a spooky tabletop decoration.
As I am writing this post, the color option for this set is satin black.

Spiderweb coaster set

The Spiderweb coaster set features an airy spiderweb.
It is currently available in 3 color options – satin black, metallic bronze, and mixed color set.

Engraved Spider coaster set

Engraved Spider coaster set is finished with a clear varnish. It features a spooky 8-eyed giant spider in the center of its spiderweb.

The technique to make these spiders so dark call laser engraving. It is basically a process of wood burning.

Square Spiderweb coaster set

The last but not least item in our Spooky Halloween collection is a Square Spiderweb coaster set.
You may recognize the pattern – we used this design to create an interactive Halloween Spider card.

It is incredible how all these intricate spiderwebs can be cut on wood! These coasters will be a great addition to your table decoration!

The color options are satin black, metallic silver, and mixed color set.

Happy Halloween!

And happy crafting!

~ D.

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