Terms of Use

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All Darina’s Crafts designs are © copyrighted materials and may be downloaded and used under CC BY-NC-SA license. In simple words, it means that:

1. You are allowed to:
1.1 Create projects for your personal use like making projects for your family and friends
1.2 Post your finished project on-line along with the link to the original Darina’s Crafts website where you have downloaded this design/template/file.
1.3 Distribute your finished project locally for free at school or at work.

2. You are not allowed to:
2.1 Modify Darina’s Crafts electronic designs/templates/files for commercial use.
2.2 Resell or redistribute Darina’s Crafts designs/templates/files.
2.3 Sell project in kits form (for others to complete).
2.4 Sell your completed projects online.
2.5 Use Darina’s Crafts designs/templates/files to advertise or promote your product without prior agreement.
2.6 Claim Darina’s Crafts designs/templates/files as your own.
2.7 Post your completed projects online without the link to www.darinascrafts.com.

For commercial license, please contact here.

The designs are offered “as is” without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied. Darinascrafts.com and Laura Darina Pichugin will not be liable for any damage or loss of data whatsoever due to downloading or using a design.

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