Mini 3D Paper Orchid Flowers

Hi guys! Today is a quick show of mini 3D paper orchid flowers.
I am currently working on my next greeting card set. And for the embellishments, I decided to use my 3D Orchid Flower Template to make tiny-tiny orchids. I am absolutely in love with the finished paper flowers! So, decided to show you the flowers before I glue them to the cards.Darina's Crafts 3D-mini-Orchid_flower3

Aren’t they adorable? Here are two more pics to show the size:

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3D Orchid Flower Template

Hi Everyone! During the past week, I had been working on my new collection inspired by my blooming orchids. They are so gorgeous this year with multiple flowers on several stems! I admire their beauty and delicate structure and could not help but to try to replicate this nature’s wonder. With that said, here I am presenting you the first template of my new Orchid Collection –  the 3D Orchid Flower Template.Darina's Crafts 3D_Orchid_Flowermain-1024x769  Darina's Crafts 3D_Orchid_FlowerTemplatePeview-1024x930

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