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Clear Jigsaw Puzzle Set

New product – Clear jigsaw puzzle™ sets – is available to all puzzle enthusiasts!

Hardest puzzle sets ever! Clear acrylic puzzles with ZERO indication on what side is the top one. Each piece has its own shape. Every puzzle has a unique template.

Different size, difficulty and pieces numbers available – from the easiest 6×6″ 9-piece set to the hardcore one – 11″x11″ set with 400 (!) clear different pieces!

Want to add even more challenge? Choose NO to the cheat sheet with a puzzle template. And you will be on your own in solving this hardest puzzle ever!

Designed and cut to order. Handmade.

LIMITED inventory left! Order NOW before I completely run out of acrylic sheets.

Price starts from $16.99. Shipping worldwide until supplies last.

Stay safe and have fun with these! 😊

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