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Are you planning to open an Etsy shop and wondering if there are any hidden fees? Read along and learn about Etsy fees.

Learn Fees to Set the Pricing

So, if you are thinking of opening an online shop for your handmade products. you already know what approximate cost of your product is. And now you are probably wondering should you add any extra on top of that because of the fees Etsy is most likely will be charging.

The answer to this question is: Yes, Etsy is charging its fees, and Yes it is reasonable to learn about Etsy fees before pricing your product. Why? Well, you still (likely) want to make the profit after paying all Etsy fees, right?

Types of Etsy Fees

There are three main types of fees for every listed and sold item:
  1. Listing and renewal fee: $0.20. You pay this amount each time you list something new, renew a sold, expired or about to expired item.
  2. Transaction fee: 3.5% of item total in a transaction. This type of fee is paid to Etsy when your item is sold. You can always check the transaction fee on your monthly Esty bill.
  3. Processing fee: different from transaction fee and never listed on your bill. The payment processing fees for Etsy Payments orders depend on the location of your bank account. For the US back location, it is 3% + 0.25 USD. Find the complete table of countries and fees here.

To check your processing fees go to the Etsy Dashboard/Finances/Payment Account. This is where the processing fees for each of your sales located. You will definitely need this for your tax forms.

To learn about Esty Fees for advertising and shipping labels, check this article.

UPDATE: on June 14, 2018, Etsy announced the changes to the transaction fee: “we’re updating our transaction fee to 5%, and it will now also apply to the cost of shipping. This change goes into effect July 16, 2018. It is going to be 5%”. Read the article here.

Free Listings

If you are just starting and not sure if you want to pay for listings and you don’t know if it’s worth it, click HERE to receive 40 free listings when you set up a new shop.

This link is valid for starting a new shop as a courtesy of Etsy for those who decide to give it a try to start selling and earning on Esty platform. It will not work for the current Etsy shops, sorry.

Disclaimer: Etsy has the right to change its policies and fees without notifying the author of this article. Always check the most recent information following the direct links above.

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