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Military Interactive Card Digital Template – Happy Birthday Card with Envelope

Hi all! Today I am presenting you the newest addition to our interactive card templates – the Military Interactive Card Digital Template that comes with a matching envelope. Send your greetings to someone who is on duty so we can peacefully sleep. They deserve it more than anyone!

Darina's Crafts Military-Interactive-Card42_byDarinasCrafts

Video Trailer

Here is the video demonstration of a finished Military Interactive Card digital template with a matching envelope in action:

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This multi-layered Military Interactive Card digital template was designed for a military officer and can also be presented to a police officer or even a guard and a security officer.

It features “We don’t call 911” message on top of the main base as well as lots of random bullet holes.

When you open the card, you see that the bullet holes are see-through. In fact, if this particular card the holes go up to 4 layers deep down! The digital template includes three different covers and layers. These layers, glued to the main base, make the randomly placed yet matching “bullet holes” that go deep inside the card.

Apart from the matching holes, the right inside panel features “Pew” words to represent a shooting. Additionally, to add more military-based features, this Military Interactive Card digital template includes a target with one more hole in the center. I choose to glue this target to the center of the right inside panel.

On the top, you can see a part of a hidden military helmet. It hides the military officer who is in ambush. To hide the officer’s figure the digital template includes a secret pocket which goes behind the “pew pew” cover.

Interactive part

To reveal the officer and the message you need to pull the helmet to the top. This Military Interactive Card digital template includes the “Happy Birthday!” message and a blank insert (figure) as well to use it as a greeting card for any other occasion. On the finished card, you may see this blank insert on the photos of the back of the card.

On top of all details mentioned above, the digital template includes front and back of the military helmet, the envelope, the special military address label, and the pattern for the details. This pattern makes is ready-to-use, especially, if you prefer to print and cut a regular PDF version.

Still thinking? Here is one more thing: with this paid Military Interactive Card digital template I am including a FREE cut-out file of a firearm you see on the finished card – the one that the hidden “officer” is holding under the greeting message.


Check the close-up photos of the finished Military Interactive Card when the “officer” is still in ambush.

Here are the photos of how the officer is revealed: 

And, there is the opened card: 

Out of interest, I counted the number of cardstock layers I used for the card only – 13 layers total!


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You may download the Military Interactive Card Digital Template HERE.

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Template preview

What you will get is the Military Interactive Card Digital Template to create a similar and even better card:


This set is a .zip file and includes SVG, PNG, PDF, DXF, EPS, and Silhouette Studio3 formats for all details. PNG, PDF, and Silhouette Studio formats include the pattern for print and card.

The list of details

The Card:
  • The main base with “bullet holes” and “We don’t call 911” stop cut-out shape.
  • The top cover – “We don’t call” stop sign
  • Two mirrored covers that can be used as underlayers for the cover
  • Secret pocket to put an interactive part inside
  • Inside cover with holes and “pew pew” cutouts.
  • Target file with a hole around the center
  • Miltary helmet – front and back (the back is slightly different to look like a real helmet)
  • Interactive insert with “Happy Birthday!” cutout message.
  • Under-layer of the “Happy Birthday” top insert with cutout shapes of the middle part of “A, P, P, B, R, D, A” letters.
  • Black insert that can be used as a top layer instead of “Happy Birthday!” greetings, or/and the last layer of the insert (as an “officer’s back”).
The envelope: 
  • The special characters address label featuring wings, a banner, and “To:” and “From:”
  • Envelope template itself. Please, note that in order to keep the proportions of all the details for the PDF file this page is 12×12 inches. Othe PDF pages are letter size and allow you to make approximately the 5×5 card when closed.
Free cutout file:
  • This digital template includes FREE firearm cutout shape in same formats as the paid digital template.

Instant Download

Please, note, that this is the Military Interactive Card Digital Template listing only. It does not include any physical finished products shown on photos. No items will be shipped to you. Instead, you will be able to download the .zip file with all the details in the formats mentioned above once the order is paid.

Additional Flexibility

I made this design using my Silhouette Studio DE and cut the details with Cameo3. With that said, the design is compatible with electronic cutting machines. Alternatively, you may print and cut the details. The size is fully customizable.


I offer only the designs that I have made myself from scratch, cut out on my cutting machine and assembled to make a finished product first before posting the listing. All designs are tried and triple checked.

Terms of Use

All designs here at are copyrighted materials. Please, read Terms of Use before downloading the file. Currently, all designs at Darina’s Crafts are for personal use only. You are not allowed to re-distribute and re-sell the templates. Instead, please, give your friends a direct link to

I am working hard on a non-credit Commercial License for you to be able to sell finished products without any credit. If you need it ASAP, please, contact me.

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Thank you and Happy Crafting!

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