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Hi all! I am eager to share with you the latest exciting news from – the online scrapbook store: they are now offering FREE shipping worldwide!
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Free shipping worldwide – that’s amazing! If you live outside the US, it is so far the BEST offer ever to order scrapbooking supplies online. My craft friends in Russia usually group together to order something abroad to qualify for the free shipping. Now they do not have to do that anymore. Fantastic! Plus, I just checked their store, and…

There is a huge sale going on:
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Up to 70% on art and craft supplies, including paper crafting supplies! Wait, that’s not all.

There is a referral program as well:
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Isn’t that nice to have free shipping, huge sale, plus referral bonus all-in-one? Cool!

They also say that they stock up over 900 new products. Good for them. And for me. As next time I will order there. 🙂

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