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Deep Edge Clover Card and Matching Clover Envelope Template

Happy St.Patrick’s Day to each and all of you! Today I present my new Clover Collection kit: a Deep Edge Clover Card and a matching Clover Envelope Templates in SVG, PDF. PNG, DXF, and Silhouette Studio3 formats.

You may find download the templates at the bottom of this post. But first let me show you the photos of a finished card:Darina's Crafts Deep_Edge_Clover_Card5_byDarinasCrafts-297x300  Darina's Crafts Deep_Edge_Clover_Card4_byDarinasCrafts-300x200


Here is a preview of the template (files are separate):

Darina's Crafts CloverCard_byDarina-296x300

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The digital template kit includes

  • Main base with a deep edge lacy intricate design
  • 1 front cover
  • 1 back cover
  • Clover border
  • Three-layered Clover
  • 1 layer for a greeting message with clover-corners
  • 4 small clovers as a top layer for the greeting message corners
  • 1 underlayer
  • 1 envelope with a cut-out clover shape on the top corner. The envelope is designed to fit 5 x 5 inches greeting card. Please, note that to keep this size, the PDF file is on 12 x 12 inches sheet.
  • 1 clover with an underlayer.

The size is fully customizable. You may also use the message detail to make custom address label.

Please, note that due to the nature of a digital template, it does not include any physical embellishments I used to make a finished card (on photos).


The clover deep edge is so delicate and intricate! You may leave it without an underlayer to emphasize its delicacy or use an underlayer included in the template. I also like how the matching envelope turned out: it has a cut-like-clover top. I also include the 2-layer clover to use it as a seal. Plus, use the message in the card template to make a customized address label! Simply cut 2 massage peace and use one for the card itself, and the other for the envelope!

Darina's Crafts Cameo3-300x200  I made these templates using my Silhouette Studio DE. See here how I convert my Studio3. files to perfect SVG.
To cut the files I use my favorite Silhouette Cameo 3. You don’t need to own an electronic cutting machine to make this card. However keep in mind that the details are intricate and though it is possible to cut the templates using scissors and a crafting knife,  it would be time-consuming. As for the cutting machine, I would suggest setting the speed to 1 when cutting the base and the border.

Video Tutorial

For your convenience, we have a step-by-step video tutorial on How to make this Deep Edge Clover Card and a Clover Envelope along with the complete list of materials I used. You may check it here. To see this tutorial in Russian, go here.


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You may download the Deep Edge Clover Card and matching Clover Envelope Templates HERE.

Terms of Use

Pease, read Terms of Use before downloading the file. Currently, all designs at Darina’s Crafts are for personal use only. You are not allowed to re-distribute, re-sell the templates or make DIY kits of any kind.

We also offer additional non-credit Commercial License for you to be able to sell finished products without any credit. To use this design for any kind of profit purpose, you must purchase the commercial license.

Contact us for the commercial license.

By the way, the finished Clover Card and a matching clover envelope may still be available. You may find in Darina’s Crafts Etsy shop here.


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