Heart Gem Valentine Card

Look at the beauty I made for this Valentine’s Day! It’s a Heart Gem Valentine Card.

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The design for this Heart Gem Valentine Card is completely free (though not mine). But I will include the link to this fantastic lady’s website where I have found this amazing freebie along with many others. You may find the link to a FREE template at the bottom of this post.

You may have noticed that while making the video some of the gems kept falling. I realized it was due to the fact that the adhesive of the gems and pearls I used was not too strong for the thick glitter paper. Later I tried Martha Stewart all-purpose adhesive gel to put them back on place and it worked as a charm! So keep in mind that it’s better to use extra transparent strong glue to hold all gems in place.
Here is the card itself:

More photos, full description along with the list of materials I used, and a link to Free Heart Gem Cad Template are under cut section.I added a wooden lace heart on top. First, I painted it with white paint. Waited until it was dry. Then added pinkish red paint on top. Waited… And after that I put the third layer – crackle accents. When it was dry I could not be happier with the result. This step gave the leaves 3D dimension style of dried leaves. Then I added pink glitter glue on top to achieve semi-glittering effect. And lots of gems of cause!Darina's Crafts DSC01396-2-600-x-400-300x200  There is a sentiment inside of the card:

Darina's Crafts DSC01360-2-600-x-565-300x283

As for the envelope, I put glitter paper under the top corner of the envelope and covered it with the came craft paper I use to make the envelope itself so that the corner would be no plain white once opened.
Plus, I have 1 small heart left from the Heart Gift Boxes I made, and stamped it, added a small pearl on top, and glued it as a fastener.

Darina's Crafts DSC01373-2-600-x-528-300x264  Darina's Crafts DSC01362-2-600-x-559-300x280


Darina's Crafts DSC01374-2-600-x-361-300x181

As for the heart on the front of the envelope – it was soooo easy! I already had it cut after I made the under-layer for the sentiment! See? It’s super convenient!

For the base and a top cover card I used 45 Market double-sided cardstock (I can’t even say that it’s just a craft paper because it’s a nice sturdy heavy cardstock ideally perfect for card bases) from the Heirloom Botanicals collection. For the square covers, heart sentiment, and envelope I used Martha Stewart’s craft paper.
The wooden heart is by Creatve Embellishments.
As for the glue I already mentioned it: Martha Stewart all purpose gel adhesive.
The pearls and gems by Caiser Craft and BoBunny.

The template itself I found at The design includes a base of the card, a card cover, a sentiment, and an envelope. Isn’t it lovely to have a matching envelope along with a card?

Giving just Valentine Card (even such a beautiful one) is not that something special. What I did – I make a quest for my husband to find his valentine!

I cut out 12 hearts, stamped them with Mon’Amour stamps by Graphic 45 and some other I have, wrote little messages and riddles on each of them, and hid them all over the house! Each heart had a clue where to find another one until the last one brought my absolutely happy husband to this main Valentine Card.

Darina's Crafts DSC01449-3-600-x-546-300x273

Take care and don’t forget to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you!

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