Lacy Heart Peek-a-Boo Card Digital Template with Heart Boxed Envelope

Hi there! With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I have something special for you! It is a Lacy Heart Peek-a-Boo Card digital template that includes tons of lacy layers, a pocket with a special heart tag, and a matching Heart Boxed Envelope.

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Video Trailer

Here is the video trailer for the Lacy Heart Peek-a-Boo Card digital template on the example of the finished hand-made card based on this template:

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Main base

Express your love to someone special in your life with the gift created using this beautiful and delicate multi-layered Lacy Heart Peek-a-Boo Card digital template.

This gorgeous Lacy Heart Peek-a-Boo Card digital template has flip-double front panels that create a lacy heart. Each panel has a delicate see-through design that consists of two lacy layers – the main lacy base and the top cover. Underneath there is an optional back layer that on the finished card was made from light pink vellum.

To create the card any size you want, the Lacy Heart Peek-a-Boo Card digital template has two different variations of the main base. The first one is a one-piece main base to make the card up to 12 inches long when fully opened, given that the designer paper is usually 12 by 12 inches. The second one consists of three parts to be able to make the card larger than 12 inches when fully opened. The finished card on the photos is 5 by almost 15 inches when opened and was created using the three-piece main base included in the template.

Inside surprise

When you open the finished card – this is where the main surprise is. Two inside panels slide to the sides and reveal the hidden gem – the “Love” heart.

This middle “Love” heart consists of three layers to emphasize the main message of the card. The parts of the sliding panels repeat its shape when the card is fully opened.

In the center, on top of the “Love” heart, there is a top panel with a matching heart cutout shape plus a bonus lacy layer full of hearts, “I” and “You” words with additional layers for them.

The side panels have similar two-layered parts: the pain one and the lacy heart top layer. Both of them ideally trace around the middle sliding parts of the Lacy Heart Peek-a-Boo Card digital template.

The central “Love” heart hides again when you close the card.

Pocket with Tag

The middle part of the card is not the last surprise. The Lacy Heart Peek-a-Boo Card digital template includes the back pocket and a heart tag to include your message inside. To create this special heart tag, I played with the hearts on top of it, welded three of them together and used one small heart to make the heats-shaped hole instead of a regular circle. The template also includes the tiny heart to glue it on top of the tag’s hole.

The pocket itself is large enough to hold additional gift cards and/or ephemera cards.

Heart boxed envelope

This Lacy Heart Peek-a-Boo Card digital template kit comes with the matching Heart boxed envelope and the address label with four additional hearts to go on top, and fancy “To:” and “From:” words.

On the back of the envelope, there is a heart cutout shape – right on the top corner. To secure is from the back, there is an additional cutout file for the top corner.

The envelope has enough space to insert even this dimensional peek-a-boo card. Keep in mind, that the finished card you see here on the photos has more than 15 layers of heavy-weight cardstock and a few embellishments.


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Template preview

What you will get is the Lacy Heart Peek-a-Boo Card digital template kit to create a similar and even better card:


This set is a .zip file and includes SVG, PNG, PDF, DXF, EPS, and Silhouette Studio3 formats for all details to create similar Heart Peek-a-Boo Card with a pocket, tag and a matching Heart boxed envelope.

The List of details

  • One-piece lacy main base to make smaller cards
  • Three-piece lacy main base to make bigger cards
  • Two lacy heart top covers
  • Two pain side top covers
  • Top heart back covers (two pieces)
  • Three layers of the “Love” central heart
  • Inside central panel with a heart cutout shape
  • Lacy cover for the central panel with “I” and “You” words
  • Matching “I’ and “You” layer files
  • Two inside covers with additional matching lacy layers
  • Square central cover
  • Two sliding parts
  • Pocket with a heart tag, and tag covers
  • Address label with fancy font words “To:” and “From:” and additional heart to use as top layers on the corners
  • Boxed envelope with a cutout heart on the top corner and a backing piece.

Please, note that in order to keep the proportion of all details, the one-piece card base, and the envelope PDF files are created on a large paper size – 15 by 12 inches and 12 by 12 inches accordingly. All other PDF files have the standard letter size.  If you choose to make the small card using the one-piece PDF file it is recommended to downscale the PDF files to 70-72% to be able to print them on letter size paper. If you choose to make the larger three-piece card, you do not need to change the scale of your printer settings for the PDF card files. In this case, you will make the card 5 by 5 inches closed, and 5 by almost 15 inches opened. However, to make the matching 6 by 6 inches envelope, the 12 by 12 paper size is needed.

Instant Download

Please, note, that this is the Lacy Heart Peek-a-Boo digital template kit listing only. It does not include any physical finished products and/or embellishments shown on photos. No items will be shipped to you. Instead, you will be able to download the .zip file with all the details in the formats mentioned above once the order is paid.

Additional Flexibility

I made this design using my Silhouette Studio DE and cut the details with Cameo3. With that said, the design is compatible with electronic cutting machines. Alternatively, you may print and cut the details. The size is fully customizable.


I offer only the designs that I have made myself from scratch, cut out on my cutting machine and assembled to make a finished product first before posting the listing. All designs are tried and triple checked.

Terms of Use

Pease, read Terms of Use before downloading the file. Currently, all designs at Darina’s Crafts are for personal use only. You are not allowed to re-distribute and re-sell the templates. Instead, please, give your friends a direct link to www.DarinasCrafts.com.

I am working hard on a non-credit Commercial License for you to be able to sell finished products without any credit. If you need it ASAP, please, contact me.

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Thank you for stopping by and, as always, Happy Crafting!

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