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Merry Christmas Z-fold Card with a Matching Snowflake Boxed Envelope

Send your Christmas or New Year greetings with this one-of-a-kind hand-made Merry Christmas Z-fold card that comes with a matching Snowflake boxed envelope. This card is available at Darina’s Crafts Etsy store.Darina's Crafts Merry-Christmas_Z-fold_Card06_byDarinasCrafts

As you can see from this photo, the card says “Merry Christmas” with the cutout glitter letters on two of its folded front panels and a lot of hand-crafted embellishments.

This card is a part of the latest Z-fold Cards digital templates bundle that can be downloaded here.

Folded Merry Christmas Z-fold Card

Unfolded Merry Christmas Z-fold Card


This Merry Christmas Z-fold card is unique and was made using coordinating designer cardstock, chipboards, hand-painted flower, wooden icon, cutout multi-layered Christmas tree, snowflakes, and other embellishments.

Inside, it has a pocket to hold an included tad and a gift card (not included) if you wish to put it as a part of your “Merry Christmas!” greetings. As for the included tag, it has its own matching twine to pull it from the pocket.

When you unfold the Merry Christmas Z-fold card, you will see the inside back panel that features three-layered exclusive Christmas tree and a cutout designer note “Merry Christmas” along with the hand-made snowflakes.

Self-Standing Card

The great part about this Merry Christmas Z-fold card is that it can stay on its own.

The front and the inside back panels have pearl swirly stickers. Additionally, there is also a Christmas flower on the main panel – specifically hand-colored using four different shades of red paint to achieve coordinating shade. Underneath the poinsettia, there are a leaf, a pearl-colored wooden snowflake, and a string of green beads. Plus, a kind reminder to make a wish – and let it come true!

The front of the card was sprayed with a glittering mist, so it beautifully reflects the light.

Place to Write a Message and an Envelope

There is plenty space to write your message to the receiver no matter how long it is: a back of the included tag, the back inside panel, two back panels, or all of them!

As for the boxed Snowflake envelope, it has a cut-out snowflake on the top corner and a pre-written address label with “Season Greetings”, “To:” and “From:” swirly glitter-pen phrases. There are also some multi-layered snowflakes on the front of the envelope.


I have created this design myself from scratch as a part of my Z-fold Cards collection. You will not find the card like this unless someone purchased my design to create their own similar card.


When folded, the card is approximately 4 inches by 5 5/8 inches. When you fully open the card, its width is almost 12 inches.

The envelope itself is about 5×5 3/4×3/8 inches.

Please, note that if you plan to send this card by post, it is better to use an additional box or a hard envelope as the included envelope is not meant to be the main and only container for the shipping purposes.

Where to buy

This Merry Christmas Z-fold card with a matching envelope can be purchased at Darina’s Crafts Etsy shop.

Similar Personalised Cards

Please, note, that this finished Merry Christmas Z- fold card is the only copy. I can make another one similar to this, but I will use different coordinating cardstock and embellishments. Additionally, I can customize and personalize the design and the finished card for you. Just contact me and describe what greeting card you want.

Alternatively, you may download the Z-fold Card digital bundle set and create your own card yourself.

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Digital Template, Photos, Video

If you wish to create this card by yourself, check our biggest five Z-fold cards digital templated bundle. There is the complete description of this digital set, a video trailer, and lots of photos here.

Happy Crafting!

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