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New Year Z-fold Card with a Matching Snowflake Boxed Envelope

Send your New Year or Christmas greetings with this one-of-a-kind hand-made New Year Z-fold card that comes with a matching Snowflake boxed envelope. It says “Happy New Year” with the cutout glitter and metallic letters on two of its folded front panels.

This card is available at Darina’s Crafts Etsy store.

Darina's Crafts New_Year_Z-fold-Card01_byDarinasCrafts

This New Year Z-fold card is a part of the latest Z-fold Cards digital templates bundle that can be downloaded here.

Folded New Year Z-fold Card

Unfolded New Year Z-fold Card


This card is unique and was made using coordinating designer cardstock, patterned paper, a designer bird figure, flowers, cutout multi-layered snowflakes, ribbon, and other embellishments.

Inside, it has a pocket to hold an included tad and a gift card (not included) if you wish to put it as a part of your New Year greetings. The included tag has its own matching ribbon to pull it from the pocket.

Additionally, the inside back panel features designer flowers, hand-made snowflakes, and a cutout designer note “Season’s Greetings”.

Self-Standing Card

The New Year Z-fold card can stay on its own. The front and the inside back panels have pearl swirly stickers. There is also a glitter blue-colored bird sitting on a ribbon branch and multi-layered snowflakes with tiny pearls inside.

Place to Write a Message and an Envelope

There is plenty space to write your message to the receiver no matter how long it is: a back of the included tag, the back inside panel around, two back panels, or all of them!

The matching boxed envelope has a cut-out snowflake on the top corner and a pre-written address label with “Season Greetings”, “To:” and “From:” swirly glitter-pen phrases. There are also some multi-layered snowflakes with tiny pearls on the front of the envelope.


I have created this design myself from scratch as a part of my Z-fold Cards collection. You will not find the card like this unless someone purchased my design to create their own similar card.


When folded, the card is approximately 4 inches by 5 5/8 inches. And, when you fully open the card, its width is almost 12 inches.

The envelope itself is about 5×5 3/4×3/8 inches.

Please, note that if you plan to send this card by post, it is better to use an additional box or a hard envelope as the included envelope is not meant to be the main and only container for the shipping purposes.

Where to buy

This New Year Z-fold card with a matching envelope can be purchased at Darina’s Crafts Etsy shop.

Similar Personalised Cards

Please, note, that this finished New Year Z- fold card is the only copy. I can make another one similar to this, but I will use different coordinating cardstock and embellishments. Additionally, I can customize and personalize the design and the finished card for you. Just contact me and describe what greeting card you want.

Alternatively, you may download the Z-fold Card digital bundle set and create your own card yourself.

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Darina's Crafts Merry-Christmas_Z-fold_Card05_byDarinasCrafts-300x300

Digital Template, Photos, Video

If you wish to create this card by yourself, check our biggest five Z-fold cards digital templated bundle. There is the complete description of this digital set, a video trailer, and lots of photos here.

Happy Crafting!

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